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Did You Know That Your Windows Could Make Your Home Hard To Sell?

Did You Know That Your Windows Could Make Your Home Hard To Sell?

One of the worst things you can hear a realtor tell you as a homeowner is that you have something in your residence that is potentially lowering the value of your home. While many may instantly assume this would be the obvious horrible shade of carpet, or old wallpaper that hasn’t been in style for decades, your windows can actually have this effect if you’re trying to sell your property with any of these window challenges:

  • Broken windows: who wants to buy a house with a broken window? It’s such as easy fix that requires very little time for one of our glass professionals to come to your home and replace the window, so don’t let this be a reason to lose potential offers on your home.
  • Foggy windows: foggy windows tend to give buyers the impression that the home wasn’t looked after properly because it only gets worse over time and never really goes back to not being foggy once that moisture gets inside. Replacement is always a wise investment to get your home buzzing again on the market.
  • Drafty windows: this is often one of the biggest window challenges as it costs the homebuyer (and you while still residing there) additional money on utility bills. A draft means there is air leaking, and more often than not trying the old weather stripping trick, or caulking doesn’t always permanently fix the solution. Let our installers replace the window and add to your home’s value.

At Dallas Glass and Mirror, we want to help your get the best offers for your property by tackling your window projects. Our consultations are quick and our installation times are too! Contact us today and let your new windows help sell your home.

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