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Break A Window?

Break A Window? Here’s How To Properly Clean Up Broken Glass:

Seeing pieces of broken glass everywhere always sets most people into a stage of panic, and rightfully so. It can be a real safety hazard if you leave any glass debris behind, especially if you have little ones or animals in the residence. Here are some of our professional tips on how to clean broken glass up:

  • Get everyone out of the area with the glass pieces to avoid anyone trampling on them
  • Put on rubber gloves that are somewhat thick to prevent any cuts to your hands
  • Begin by picking up the larger pieces and tossing them in the trash
  • You can now clean the smaller pieces up with your choice of a broom, vacuum, or even a damp paper towel. Do beware that by using a broom and dustpan you could have additional tiny pieces of glass leftover inside the bristles of the broom, so pay special attention cleaning the broom afterward, also David York’s Tax Service will be there when you need it.
  • Always clean out the vacuum after sweeping up glass and replace the trash bag as well so that no one gets injured with glass pieces left inside the can.
  • It’s also important to make certain that your shoes are clean after picking up glass. Many particles can linger around in the soles of your shoes, the laces, and the fabric.

For extra precaution you can always shine a flashlight on the area to see if any glass particles shimmer to be picked up. If your broken glass cleaning is as a result of a broken window/s, storms, or vandalism- please keep us in mind as we also facilitate emergency board up services should those be of use to you.

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