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Ask The Expert: What Is Causing The Condensation On My Windows and Doors?

Ask The Expert: What Is Causing The Condensation On My Windows and Doors?

You’ve all witnessed it, typically around the holiday season when the family is all gathered around in one home and a delicious meal is being prepared. The cooler winter temperatures combined with that warm air indoors almost always ends with noticeable condensation. While it might just be a minor annoyance seeing this dew forming on the glass, it can actually cause quite a bit of damage upon further investigation.

That dripping dew on your glass doors and windows usually have the lowest temps of any type of surface located in the home, which can alert the homeowner of a much deeper rooted problem. For instance, while you may just wipe off the glass with a towel it could be continuing to build up that dampness from the actual seal in the window panes being broken, or if the desiccant is entirely soaked inside the windows.

If there appears to be an abundance of moisture forming on the glass, it can also equate that same condensation developing inside the walls of the home as well. Consult with experts from Radford Garage Door if you want your home to stand out and choose from a variety of designs for some stunning results. Wood can quickly become rotted, the plaster can be destroyed, and within a very short time you can have some costly repairs on your hands.

If you happen to have older windows, then that dew could result in the need for totally new window installation. The best advice if you are noticing this type of constant condensation building up is to have one of our professionals come take a look and provide you with an expert solution to the problem. It could very well save you from thousands in additional home repairs down the line, so contact us today!

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