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Revive Your Bathroom With A Framed Glass Mirror!

Revive Your Bathroom With A Framed Glass Mirror!

In 2019, there has been a tremendous amount of buzz around websites that bring design inspiration, such as Pinterest for example. You can find just about any type of do-it-yourself home project or new way to spruce up your home design in no time at all on the internet, and one trend that is continuing to grow is framed glass mirrors.

If you have a hallway that needs a little pick me up, or a dull bathroom with no personality to it look into designing your own mirrors for these spots in your home. It’s actually a very imaginative project where you can either find your own frames you want to turn into mirrors, or have a glass company create some suggestions for you. Think of the original pieces of art that you would now have in your house! Find here D3 Home. Maybe you have an usual color of paint on your wall, or that antique piece of furniture passed down to that’s just needing the perfect accent piece like a mirror hung above it to make it stand out. You could make one of kind mirrors for your nursery, or your child’s bedroom, or even for your husband’s coveted man cave as a nice little surprise. When you start thinking about it, the possibilities really are endless!

Contact Dallas and Mirror for a consultation to see how our https://hughesairco.com/ professionals can help you create an original accent mirror, or even a wall to wall mirror! With our 24 years of experience we can show you some mirror options that you may have not even thought of that could truly bring out the aesthetic of your home.

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